Robert W Demes

Letter of Reference and Character from Strudwick Wealth Strategies

December 19, 2007

Letter of Recommendation: Mr. Robert W. Demes

I first met Robert in 2002 while I was researching opportunities in Costa Rica and he invited me to speak at an investor conference he was hosting for various Beach Real Estate Products he was developing. After working closely with him and his team on several more conferences and spending time on the "Rancho Monterey Project", which he had founded, I realized that his vision for the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica was a well conceived, quality product in the right place at the right time. I went on, with his help and that of his team, to found my own Project in the same area called "Del Pacifico" which has become a landmark on the Pacific Coast.

Robert knows Real Estate. He knows it from the Investment and acquisition phase and he knows it through the construction and sales process. He has the ability to motivate the team in the daily operation and yet is able to concentrate on the strategic plan; simply put he gets it done, a talent required in senior leadership.

His strengths include his ability to distill the essence of the problem and the opportunity and create a hierarchy of required events to succeed in a hightly competitive market place. In addition to his business strengths, his common sense approach to marketing and branding projects is second to done and is a major talent. I am confident that Robert can formulate and implement a strategy to maximize the shareholder value for his investment while adhering to a strict code of business ethics. I am available at any time to offer specific examples of his performance.

M. Barry Strudwick

12 E. Eager St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

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