Robert W Demes

Letter of Reference and Character from Dynasil Corporation

July 31, 1998 


Letter of Recommendation: Mr Robert W. Demes 

To Whom It May Concern, 

It has been my great privilege to know Robert Demes over these last few years as a mentor, colleague and friend. Clearly, he is a multi‑talented individual with excellent communication skills and highly developed business acumen. His work ethic is above reproach and his ability to problem solve were been the key ingredients in his success as the individual most responsible for the turn around of Dynasil Corporation where he served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the VP Marketing and Sales.

Robert knows business. He knows it from the Board room and he knows it from the factory floor. He has the ability to totally immerse himself in the day to day problems of running an operation and yet is able to keep his eye on the strategic plan - a talent all of us wish we had.

Based on my experience with him, a proper description of him in a single word would be tenacious - not to be confused with stubborn. He studies the problem until he thoroughly understands it, seeks alternative solutions, picks the best one and then implements it. No screwing around. He gets it done!!

Robert Demes has the smarts, the drive and the skills we all seek in our senior leadership. He would be particularly effective as a consultant because of his diverse business background and communication skills. I obviously think he can do anything and it would be my great pleasure to work closely with him again in the very near future. I am available at any time to offer specific examples of his performance.


Charles J. Searock Jr.
Lt. General, USAF Retired
President and CEO

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