Robert W Demes

Letter of Reference and Character from Bedford Energy, Inc

Reference Letter for Hon. Robert Demes

To whom "it may concern:

This letter is being written to introduce Hon. Robert Demes, Founding member of Global Energy Corporation. I have known Mr. Demes (USA Citizen) for a considerable amount of time. His background as Founding Member and President of First International Mercantile Bank with offices in Central America as well as his many years of government service when he served with diplomatic distinction have been of great importance to business needs and working relationship.

Mr. Demes has headed several investment groups and been involved in private investing in energy related and natural resource investments Coaxed out of retirement in 2006 by former partners, he founded MVCC, a small venture capital firm which provides capital and management expertise to small public companies primarily in the energy sector. In mid 2006, Mr. Demes assumed the position of COO and Director at Bedford Energy - an oil and gas firm in Oklahoma which MVCC helped finance. He now works closely with our group in Oklahoma as well as with other larger internationally based programs such as GEC.

Under  Mr. Demes' knowledgable  guidance and leadership, Bedford subsequently has drilled and is in the process of completing, 7 oil and gas wells since that time (7 out of 7 in the mid USA). Robert is also the Managing Member of an energy equipment division of Bedford.

Should I be able to provide answers to any questions regarding Robert Demes please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Carl W. Swan
Chairman of the Board
Bedford Energy Inc.
501 N. Portland Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Tel: 405-601-9745
Fax: 405-601-9743


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