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We recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Robert Demes, President of Rancho Monterey in Esterillos (located on the Central Pacific Coast just a few minutes south of Jaco Beach) and to find out how a development with the size and scope of Rancho Monterey comes to fruition.

R.E. Guide: Mr. Demes, how did you become involved with starting Rancho Monterey?

Mr. Robert Demes: I originally came down to Costa Rica in 1981 to enjoy one of Archie Field’s fishing trips. In 1985 I began to develop small residential projects in out of the way places like Cedral. I always kept my eye on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and was just waiting for the right time. Seeing the development and success of Los Sueños and the growing demand for well-built, quality homes inspired me to find and develop what is today Rancho Monterey. Also, the inminent new road from San Jose which will cut driving time to Jaco Beach to just under an hour and just about turn this area into a bedroom community of San Jose (Costa Rica’s capital city) and greatly increase the demand for good quality properties in this area. If you add to this the proximity of tourist attractions including Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destination (Manuel Antonio National Park) and the endless variety of activities available to enjoy, it is not hard to predict the success a well-planned development will have.

R.E. Guide: Can you tell us a little more in detail what Rancho Monterey is and what we can expect to see in the near future?

Mr. Robert Demes: Gladly, our vision and goals for Rancho Monterey are to develop Costa Rica’s premiere natural community. A low density, high-quality, equestrian based community that will cater to all types of equestrian enthusiasts and nature lovers. Our first project toward this end is scheduled to open this coming September and will be a guest and cattle ranch where people can spend a week enjoying a total old west ranch experience.

We will also be opening Monterey del Mar, a boutique hotel, in July and developing an aviation sports theme to take advantage of the nearby landing field in Esterillos. We have obtained permission from the Civil Aviation to widen, lengthen, pave and fence the current strip. Once that is completed, we will work to bring regular flights from Sansa and Nature Air (local airlines servicing points within Costa Rica) and will also promote ultralights, parasailing and hot air balloons.

We currently have a 10 year buidout program to develop 3000 acres with low density homes and condominiums. A thousand of the 3,000 acres will remain as green areas including 400 acres of primary forest with extensive flora and fauna including old growth trees and over 300 deer as well as monkey troops, macaws and many other bird and animal species.

We will offer 1/2 acre to 3 acre ocean view lots starting at $125,000. Ours is a very safe gated community with various checkpoints and mounted patrols.

Rancho Monterey also boasts 3 rivers and 9 natural springs on the property plus we receive access to the municipal water supply from Parrita. Altogether this insures a guaranteed ample supply of water year round.

R.E. Guide: Are there any facilities already built that we can enjoy now?

Mr. Robert Demes: Absolutely, our conference center is now open and offers suites, conference areas and restaurant service. In fact, we just recently inaugurated a branch of La Piazzetta, arguably Costa Rica’s premiere Italian food restaurant and we had the honor of having Costa Rica’s President Don Abel Pacheco, join us at this inauguration.

R.E. Guide: How are you getting the word out about Rancho Monterey?

Mr. Robert Demes: We are doing some advertising but primarily I have been giving conferences in the United States on Costa Rica and about the great place we have here in Esterillos and the people are very receptive to what we are doing here and they want to share in our vision of a top quality, well planned, low density natural community.

R.E. Guide: Thank you Mr. Demes, it sounds like you have a great development on
your hands and we wish you the best in achieving your goals.

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